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hi everyone! has a permanent circle lens giveaway, which you can enter anytime and how many times as you want, and they pick out the winner on the 1st of every month! the prize is any pair of circle lenses from their store for $19.90 (or under) in your choice. all lenses come with a lens case for free!
it's really easy to enter the giveaway! all you have to do is ––

✿ post a link to the giveaway page on any blog, forum, facebook, youtube, twitter or any website to tell people about the circle lens giveaway (you can publish this link on your own website or blog too). the more you post on different websites, the more chance you have to win!

✿ write at least 10 lines about their shop, the products and the giveaway

✿ add 5 photos of the lenses you'd like to win

✿ use their banner (or make your own, but you have to link to the page)you can choose one of many banners here

✿ like them on facebook

✿ comment on the page to let them know that you're entering! write your email and links to the pages you've written so they can check.

you can enter as many times as you want and every month so don't be sad if you don't win as you still have many chances to do so~
this giveaway is great for you who would like to own a new pair of circle lenses, especially if you're into gyaru or ulzzang to get that look. since i'm into k-pop and k-fashion and like the ulzzang & k-pop look i thought that it would be a great opportunity to enter. these are my favorite lenses~

dueba catswing brown (x)

geo alice pure pink (x)

dueba pure gray (x)

dueba sunny pink (x)

dueba dragon gray (x)
i like natural-looking lenses with a little bit of enlargement, especially brown or black since i already have dark brown eyes. recently i've been looking at gray lenses too, since i've noticed that many kpop idols wear lenses in that color, and it looks so pretty on them! pink lenses are really pretty too~~

solution-lens has many great deals and they offer free shipping on all their products. if you spend more than $80 you'll get free express shipping!
the shop has reasonable prices, most of their lenses cost only $19.90!
they have a buy-lenses-get-free-pair promotion meaning that if you buy:
2 pairs you get 1 pair free
5 pairs you get 2 pairs free
10 pairs you get 5 pairs free

isn't that great? that way you'll save money by getting lenses for free.
they also have this deal:

if you're a blogger or youtuber who posts circle lens reviews, just link them to your reviews and they will give you a pair of free lenses! however, it is only valid if you've bought the lenses from the shop.
don't worry, they only sell authentic lenses on their site. their lenses are all cruelty free, and approved by FDA and EU. if you buy lenses from GEO they will come with an authenticity sticker with a 20-digit code you can check in on GEO's anti-fake system.

the site is really easy to navigate and the layout is quite simple. they have a great variety of circle lenses. they sort the lenses by brand, name and color, so you can easily click on a specific color or if you want to search by brand, all the collections are listed. all product pages have a description and information about the lenses + most also have real-life pictures of when worn. unfortunately, they don't sell prescription lenses, only plano lenses.

good luck! (✿◠‿◠)


disclaimer: i wasn't paid to write this post, this is just my entry for the giveaway!

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